Unisa Exam Timetable

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Unisa Exam Timetable

Unisa Exam Timetable

At the time of registration, all students will have a provisional examination timetable available to ensure that they are able to make an informed decision. On the Unisa website are the examination dates for all modules. The examination timetable is available through the examination timetable tool.

Content Of Final Timetable

The final timetable will contain the following information:

  • A list of the modules for which a student has obtained admission to the exam, together with the dates and times of the final exam.
  • A list of modules for which the student has not obtained an examination admission.
  • Details of the exam venue.
  • Additional general instruction.

It is important to read the examination timetable VERY CAREFULLY. Misreading of examination dates or times on no account would be regarded as a reason for granting admission to a supplementary examination.

Semester exams from May / June

On 12 April the FINAL TIMETABLE for the May semester examinations will be posted to all candidates concerned. Any candidate who has NOT obtained his/her final timetable must immediately contact the Examination Administration Division by e-mailing your student number to examations@unisa.ac.za.

Exams in October / November

The final timetable will be posted to all the candidates concerned for the October examination on 13 SEPTEMBER. The study units examinations for the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting are also carried out in October/November and Postgraduate Diploma in Auditing are in September. Candidates who have NOT obtained their final timetable must contact the Examination Administration Division immediately by sending an e-mail to examinations@unisa.ac.za with your student number.

Examination in January/February (including supplementary, Aegrotat and Special exams)

In January/February, exams are performed in study units for the Further Diploma in Education and the Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing Science, Distance Education, Telecommunications and Information Policy, Tertiary Education, and Translation. They start on or about January 8th and are distributed over a duration of 4 weeks.

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