UNISA College of Graduate Studies 2024

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UNISA College of Graduate Studies 2024

UNISA College of Graduate Studies 2024

The College of Graduate Studies (CGS), which is part of Unisa’s Research, Postgraduate Studies, Innovation, and Commercialization Portfolio, is made up of the School of Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Studies, the Ethiopian Regional Learning Centre, and the Postgraduate Administration Department. All of our practices are centered on multi- and transdisciplinary research, providing a unique set of chances for master’s and doctoral research under expert supervision.

The purpose is to assist the colleges where these students are enrolled, as well as to raise the number of outstanding graduates from this batch so that rising economies may remain competitive. CGS’s School of Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Studies has built a suite of training courses including workshops, colloquia, video conferences, and virtual research environments, with research technique as a key platform.

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UNISA College of Graduate Studies Administration Department 2024

The College of Graduate Studies’ Postgraduate Administration Support section handles all administration for the six colleges, including initial inquiries, registrations, re-registrations, capturing of research proposal module results, maintaining research titles, data capturing, and much more, before the student is handed over to graduation And Also, The CGS Postgraduate Administrative Department is responsible for the applications, enrollment, and registration of approximately 45 000 students pursuing postgraduate degrees, such as Postgraduate Diplomas, Honours, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees, as well as the evaluation of Master’s and Doctoral dissertations and theses.

Postgraduate studies

The Postgraduate studies of the college consist of

  • Postgraduate Administration Department
  • M&D Dissertations
  • Masters and Doctoral applications and registrations
  • Postgraduate Diplomas & honours applications and Registrations

M&D Dissertations

When it comes to finishing your master’s dissertation or doctoral thesis, have the following in mind:

  • At least two months before the final application for review, submit a notice of intention to resexcoord@unisa.ac.za. For this, you’ll need to download the CGS20 form.
  • You must meet with your boss before notifying the university of your planned submission to secure approval for submission and to decide on the final proper grammar, pronunciation, and punctuation of the title. Make sure your dissertation/thesis was sent to Turnitin online (for originality checking) and save the one-page digital receipt (not the whole report) to use in your examination copy. If you have any questions, please email turnitin@unisa.ac.za.
  • There is no deadline for submissions, although if they are sent after June 15, the outstanding student will only be able to graduate in the autumn of the following year.
  • If the application is submitted after November 15, the effective student will only be able to graduate in the spring of the next year.
  • If the application is sent after the 31st of January, the good student will receive their diploma in the spring. You would have to re-register and pay full tuition fees if the January deadline is not reached. Please notice that any application made at this time without advance warning (2 months) would be considered late, resulting in mandatory re-registration.

Masters and Doctoral applications and registrations

Master’s and doctoral research are life-changing experiences with both your work and personal development. It would be incredibly rewarding if approached correctly. When you enroll in a master’s or doctoral program at Unisa, you’ll benefit from the expertise of our academic and administrative staff. You’ll also have the chance to perform oriented and important studies in one or more exciting areas, allowing you to contribute to your society and career.

Please notice that all applications and registrations for master’s and doctoral degrees must be done online. There will be no faxed or self-help applications approved.

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Postgraduate Diplomas & honours applications and Registrations

Postgraduate diplomas and honours degrees

Everyone who wishes to start a new honours degree or postgraduate certificate, including first-time Unisa applicants and returning Unisa students seeking a new education, must apply for entry.

All colleges’ student management is handled by the Honours and Postgraduate Administrative Section of the College of Graduate Studies. It entails the following: new inquiries, applications, registrations, and re-registration, as well as additions, cancellations, and deferments (excluding examination enquiries)

Please ask us if you have any questions about honors degrees or postgraduate diplomas:

All honours and PGD qualifications applications/registrations must be completed online. All information, including FAQs, is available on the Unisa website: www.unisa.ac.za

For College of Graduate Studies specific student enquiries contact us via e-mail:

For Unisa general enquiries, please visit www.unisa.ac.za/contact

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Unisa Contact Details

Please contact Unisa at the following address:

  • Preller Street, Muckleneuk Ridge, Pretoria
  • Sunnyside campus (applications, registrations & learning centre):
  • Cnr Justice Mahomed & Steve Biko Streets, Sunnyside, Pretoria
  • Tel: 0800 005 311
  • Email: unisa@whistleblowing.co.za

Visit Unisa’s Official Website.


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