Unisa Online Courses

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Unisa Online Courses

Unisa Online Courses; Online learing at Unisa is termed Open Distance e-Learning(ODeL). ODeL is a different learning style with a physical distance exists between you and your university. This implies for most of us that our previous learning experiences would not have prepared us for the journey of Unisa study. You are responsible for preparing your studies and managing your time efficiently in open-distance e-learning. You study from a distance and you mainly communicate through the internet to the university. It is extremely important that you think about the changes you need to make in order to be a good Unisa student if you have completed your previous qualifications at a residential institution.

This does not mean, however, that you’re on your own. For our students, Unisa provides a range of support programs from tutorial support and counseling, to online resources. In open distance e-learning, the “distance means that most of your interactions with Unisa are carry out at a distance, primarily in digital format.

Your ODeL Study Material

Instead of listening to a teacher or lecturer in a classroom, the study material will consist of written materials, whether on paper (e.g. prescribed books or textbooks) or online (e.g. my Unisa). In some cases, in our regional offices and other partner organizations, Unisa offers access to computers and the internet, but you should have your own computer and access to the internet.

Your World of Study

Taking full responsibility for your own learning experience and environment is the best way to deal with open-distance e-learning. The atmosphere you create a space at home, a desk somewhere at work and of course, the connections you make and the virtual networks you build will be your study world.

Unisa ODeL(online) Courses

All Unisa qualification courses are all online. Both full courses and short courses in Unisa can be study online. Visit Unisa website to add any of their qualifications to study online. Unisa offers a range of support services to assist you in your journey.

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