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Unisa Horticulture

Unisa Horticulture: landscaping courses unisa

Horticulture, the science and practice of nurturing plants, has been a component of human civilization from the beginning of time. Its importance extends beyond giving us food, attractive plants, and medicinal herbs to improving our entire quality of life. Unisa offers a variety of academic programs in horticulture to appeal to a wide range of interests and professional goals.

These programs are intended for both aspiring horticulturists and working professionals who want to improve their knowledge and abilities.

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Unisa Horticulture Courses/Qualifications

To provide students with practical training, Unisa’s horticulture programs frequently incorporate practical training, fieldwork, and laboratory activities. The university may also interact with research institutes, government agencies, and industry partners to provide horticulture students with hands-on experience and networking possibilities. Unisa Horticulture has the following qualifications;

  • Advanced Landscape Design Techniques – LDS3701
  • Horticultural Mechanisation I – HOR1604
  • Landscape Design Practical – LDS3702
  • Nursery Design and Layout – HOR2601
  • Landscape Design Practice (WIL) – LDS3703
  • Plant Growth Structures – HOR2602
  • Ornamental Plant Use Practice (WIL) – PMS3601
  • Horticulture Practical II – HOR2604
  • Research Methodology – RMY101Q
  • Horticulture Practice I (WIL) – HOR2605
  • Green Industry Business Management – GIB4801
  • Introductory Landscape Design Techniques – LDS2601
  • Landscape Contract Management – LCM4801
  • Ornamental Plant Use II – PMS2601
  • Landscape Project Management – LPM4801
  • Ornamental Plant Propagation – HOR1501
  • Ornamental Plant Use III – PMS2602
  • Sustainable Landscapes in Urban Green Space – SLU4801
  • Plant Growing and Care – HOR1503
  • Horticulture Resource Management II – EMG3701
  • Horticulture Practical I – HOR1504
  • Horticultural Resource Management Practice (WIL) – EMG3702
  • Landscape Maintenance – LDS1501
  • Ornamental Crop Production – HOR3601
  • Ornamental Plant Use I – PMS1501
  • Plant Pests and Diseases – HOR3602
  • Plant Studies I – PSO1501
  • Horticultural Production Management IV – HPM411H
  • Soil Science I – SSC1501
  • Horticultural Production Technology IV – HPT411H
  • Landscape Construction and Installation – LDS3601
  • Environmental Studies I – ENS2602

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Contact UNISA: landscaping courses unisa

Please contact Unisa at the following address:

  • Preller Street, Muckleneuk Ridge, Pretoria
  • Sunnyside campus (applications, registrations & learning center):
  • Cnr Justice Mahomed & Steve Biko Streets, Sunnyside, Pretoria
  • Tel: 0800 005 311
  • Email: unisa@whistleblowing.co.za

The university cultivates a generation of horticulture experts who are ready to confront global issues with green excellence by imparting information, encouraging research, and instilling a sense of environmental responsibility. Visit the official website of UNISA for more information. Unisa horticulture courses.


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