Unisa Nursing Bridging Course 2021-2022

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Unisa Nursing Bridging Course 2021-2022

Unisa Nursing Bridging Course 2021-2022

Study units for Diploma in General Nursing (Bridging course for enrolled nurses in 2021-2022) (offered by the Department of Health Studies) is to equip learners with the scientific nursing process in the clinical care of patients with conditions of the nervous system.

Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Science

Below is a list of Unisa bridging courses for nursing:

First (1st) Level

  • CMH1501 – Comprehensive Primary Health Care I
  • CMH1502 – Comprehensive Primary Health Care II
  • CMH1503 – Health and the Environment
  • ENG1503 – Academic Language and Literacy in English
  • HMA1501 – Planning and Organising in Health Services Management
  • HMA1502 – Leading and Control in Health Services Management
  • HSE1501 – Contextualisation of Health Sciences Education
  • HSE1502 – Principles of Health Sciences Education

Second (2nd) Level

  • CMH2601 – Community Health Practical
  • CMH2602 – Health in Communities
  • COM2603 – Intercultural, Development and Health Communication
  • HMA2601 – Human Resource Management in Health Services
  • HMA2602 – Labour Relations in Health Services
  • HMA2603 – Health Services Management Practical
  • HSE2601 Education Management in Health Sciences
  • HSE2602 – Teaching and Assessment in Health Sciences
  • HSE2603 – Health Sciences Education: Practical
  • NUD2601 – Nursing Dynamics
  • PUB2604 – Welfare and Social Services
  • RSC2601 – Research in Social Sciences

Third (3rd) Level

  • CMH3701 – Basic Epidemiology in Health Sciences
  • HMA3701 – Financial Management in Health Services
  • HMA3702 – Quality in Health Services Management
  • HMA3703 – Leadership in Health Services Management
  • HMA3704 – Contemporary issues in Health Services Management
  • HSE3701 – Cultural Diverse Education in Health Sciences
  • HSE3702 – Contemporary Trends in Health Sciences Education
  • HSE3703 – Developing Health Science Curricula: Foundations
  • HSE3704 – Developing Health Science Curricula: Principles and Process
  • HSE3705 – The Caring Ethic in Health Sciences

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