Unisa Florida campus

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Unisa Florida campus

Unisa Florida campus; Florida campus also known as Science Campus is located in the Gauteng Province of South Africa. The Gauteng Province, located in the center of the country offers a menu of student support services to a collective student population of just over 100,000 students through its numerous regional service centers located in almost every corner of the province of Gauteng. The large number of the services required by a student are available at regional service centres.

Unisa Science(Florida) Campus

Unisa Science campuses is situated at the corner of Christian de Wet Road and Pioneer Avenue, Florida, 1709 at Gauteng Province. This campus has two campuses, a library, labs and a cafeteria. The Campus of Science consist of the following colleges:

  • College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) (Calabash Building)
  • College of Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET)

Unisa Florida Campus library  is located in the GJ Gerwel Building. The cafeteria is also located in the Dionysus Building. The Science Campus laboratories consist of modern facilities as well as high-end equipment. To locate any of the mentioned buildings, click here to download the map of the Unisa florida Campus. Located the Science Campus at florida in the Gauteng province using the Google maps.

Contact the campus using the contact details below;

Florida Regional Service Centre:
Address: 2nd Floor, Phapha Building, Science Campus
Corner Christiaan de Wet and Pioneer Street, Florida
Tel: 0114712111
Email: Florida.GR@unisa.ac.za

Directions to Florida Regional Service Centre

The following are some of the services the campus offers;

  1. Counselling; The purpose of Counselling Services is to contribute to the growth and academic performance of students by offering job, academic and personal development and trauma counselling. We do face-to-face counseling, phone counselling, e-Counselling in this unit.
  2. Library; The purpose of Library Services is to provide information resources to students that would assist them in their studies or research.
  3. Tutorial Services; Tutorial services have the purpose of offering face-to-face tutorial services for conventional modules as well as Science Foundation Provision(SFP).

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