Unisa Bursaries

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Unisa Bursaries

Unisa Bursaries; Undergraduate Qualification Bursaries, Honours Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas Bursary and Master’s and Doctoral Degrees Bursaries

Undergraduate Qualification

  • Mining Qualifications Authority bursary
  • Unisa merit bursary
  • Transport Education Training Authority bursaries

Mining Qualifications Authority bursary

The Mining Qualification Authority invites students who wish to study a carrer in the mining and minerals field to apply for a the Mining Qualification Authority bursary. The Scheme is open to eligible students currently in grade 12 who intend studying in 2021 or current students who are already pursuing for a certificate, diploma or degree at Unisa.

Unisa merit bursary

Bursary Conditions

  • Students applying must have earned an average of at least 75% and above in their previous year of study.
  • Only South Africa students registered for a formal qualification in any disclipline at Unisa can apply for this bursary.
  • The bursary covers tuition fees and recommended textbooks only.
  • Students who received the bursary in the previous year do not need to apply. However, such students must meet the 75% average to be eligible for the bursary.

Required documents

The following documents are required:

  • Copy of ID
  • Proof of household income
  • Parents IDs (for dependent applicants)
  • Academic record

Transport Education Training Authority bursaries

The Transport Education Training Authority awards bursaries annually for studies associated to essential and scarce skills found in the transport sector.

Unisa honours bursary

Bursary Conditions

  • Only South African students registered for Honours qualification in and any discipline can apply for bursary.
  • Bursary covers only tuition fees
  • Applicants who passes the modules that were financed in the previous year will be considered for a second year of study. Bursary does not cover failed modules.

Bursaries For Master’s and Doctoral Degrees

  • Master’s degree by dissertation & doctoral studies
  • Master’s degree by coursework

Download the master’s & doctoral motivation form, which must be completed by both the student and the supervisor. Submit the completed form online.

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