Unisa Graduation

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Unisa Graduation

Unisa Graduation; Who will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony?, Graduation Confirmation, Graduation dress as well as the Graduation ceremony.

The aim of this site is to make sure that both you and your guests have all the details you need to make your graduation ceremony an unforgettable experience. Please ensure that the graduation etiquette is familiar to you and your guests.

Who should attend the graduation ceremony?

A graduation ceremony is held for students who have completed a degree, a three-year diploma or a postgraduate diploma. All students who have completed a degree, a three-year diploma or a postgraduate diploma can attend the graduation.

Who can not attend the graduation ceremony?

There will be no invitation to attend a graduation ceremony for students who have completed a postgraduate degree or an undergraduate (one or two-year) diploma or certificate.

When do graduation ceremonies take place?

  • March to June: Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Mbombela, Polokwane and Pretoria
  • September to November: Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria

When will I receive confirmation that I have completed my qualification?

After the released of the examination results, the Student Admissions and Registrations Directorate audit the final year student’s records to verity the completion of the qualification before changing the qualification status from “Final Year” to “Completed”. Once you received an electronic notice concerning the completion of your qualification, access your graduation details from here.

Academic Dress

In keeping with university traditions, when attending your graduation ceremony, you must wear the proper academic outfit. You may not enter the graduation hall if you do not dress in the right outfit. Please ensure that you order your academic dress in time for your graduation ceremony.

The Graduation Ceremony

On arrival, present yourself by showing your official identification card, passport, birth certificate or South African driver’s license at the registration desk in the foyer and verify your identity. You will receive a seat with your name, qualification, seat number together with your guest tickets.

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