Unisa Assignment Submission

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Unisa Assignment Submission

Unisa Assignment Submission| Unisa would like its students to excel in their studies and to be adequately prepared for their exams. This is why we insist that all of our students submit a number of assignments per course before they are eligible to take an exam.

Unisa Assignment Submission Method

All assignment should be submitted online through the internet using myUnisa site. You have to login as a myUnisa user and assign yourself a password before you can use the online assignment submission features on myUnisa. MyUnisa may only be used by students who enrolled for the current academic year. Using myUnisa, you can submit written and multiple-choice assignment for formal courses online.

Submitting Multiple-Choice Assignment through Unisa

It is easy, quick and reliable to send a multiple-choice assignment through myUnisa only if you follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen. 

Submitting Written Assignments Online

Your assignment has to be ready in a file format that can be uploaded to myUnisa. This file has to be in one of the formats specified on the submission screen under the ‘Specify file type’ drop-down list. Not all types of files can be approved. Make sure the type you pick matches that of your file, otherwise your lecturer would receive pages filled with trash.

Here are three ways to confirm if your assignments have been submitted successfully:

  • You will receive a simple status message when you send an assignment. If the message reads ‘Assignment received in good order,’ Unisa has successfully received your assignment.
  • On submission, you will receive a receipt with a distinctive track as well as a trace number.
  • After successful submission of an assignment, your list of assignments for each module on myUnisa will be updated immediately.

Please note: Assignments submitted through myUnisa online will be marked online. The marked assignments will be returned to students to be available online. If you have made a mistake and want your assignment to be re-submitted, you must do so immediately. You can only submit an assignment while the re-submit link displays next to the number of the assignment. Before submitting, please check for mistakes.

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