Port Elizabeth TVET College Online Application 2023-2024

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Port Elizabeth TVET College Online Application 2023-2024

Port Elizabeth TVET College Online Application 2023-2024

Port Elizabeth TVET College is an institution for tomorrow with a rich illustrious past. The college is focused on developing people by equipping them with relevant practical skills to enable them to face the challenges of tomorrow. The practical training given to its student enables them to attain their dreams and aspirations. As a preferred college chosen by many, the college is a great provider of Technical and Vocational Education and training. The college has Tvet programmes which complement the human resource and skills development needs of a competitive, developing nation. The college has three main campuses namely; Russell Road Campus, Dower Campus and Iqhayiya Campus. Port Elizabeth Tvet College empowers its students with quality, market-related skills that contribute to the socio-economic development of South Africa.

The college has a great approach to education which is driven largely by the will to exceed their expectations. The college caters for individuals for the prospering of South Africa. The college performs with excellence as its priority which doesn’t allow complacency to follow its achievement.


In order to give the youth access to the Port Elizabeth TVET College, the government has made funds available in the form of bursaries to qualifying students that are in need of financial assistance and are able to demonstrate potential for academic success. The Department of Education TVET College bursary scheme assists students intending to enrol at TVET Colleges for National Certificate Vocational (NCV) programmes, but who are unable to fund their studies. Students may apply based on the Means test administered by the college. The college manages the bursary award process. Thus as a student, you will recommend Port Elizabeth Tvet College to you. Below are the online application details of Port Elizabeth Tvet College.

                                       Application Details of Port Elizabeth Tvet College.

Application Dates: The application is open throughout the year

Required Documents

  • Three certified copies of ID/Passport/Birth Certificate
  • Three certified copies of ID of Parent/Legal Guardian
  • One ID size photo
  • Copy Certified of latest school report/Grade 9 or Higher
  • A unique Email address and cellphone number

Port Elizabeth TVET College Programmes Offered

The college offers a wide variety of courses to live up to its vision as a provider of Education and Training Excellence. The college courses lead to learning and An extensive selection of skills programmes ensures that the College is also meeting the need for skills training at a grassroots level. The college offers the following programmes in National Certificate (Vocational) and Nated;

It is a specialised National Certificate for a chosen career. This qualification is designed to provide both the theory and practice of the chosen career and is geared toward alleviating the skills shortage in the country. Below are programmes offered ;

  • National Accredited Technical Education ( NATED)

National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (NATED) programmes are delivered under the auspices of the Department of Higher Education and Training. The programmes consist of 18 months of theoretical studies at colleges and 18 months of relevant practical application in workplaces. Engineering studies range from N1-N6 while Business and Utility Studies range from N4-N6.

  • National Certificate Vocational

The National Certificate Vocational is offered at Levels 2, 3 and 4 of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The qualification is designed to provide both theory and practical experience in a particular vocational field. The practical component of the study may be offered in the workplace environment. Students have an opportunity to experience work situations during their period of study.

  • Occupational Programmes

The College offers a range of occupational programmes including Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Skills Programmes.

How to Obtain Application Forms

Application forms can be obtained from any of the Campuses: You can contact the central office with the contact information we have provided below:

How to Apply to Port Elizabeth TVET College

Below is a step by step guide to Applying to Port Elizabeth TVET College. Make sure to read everything we have written;

Step 1. Identify the course you wish to study, career counselling is available.
Fill in the application form which is available on all the campuses and the Admin Centre, or you can apply online.

Step 2. Pay a non-refundable registration fee of R100 or a late application of R200, therefore ensure that you meet the minimum requirements before applying, payment details are on the application form. This doesn’t guarantee your admission.

Step 3. Submit the form to the campus you wish to study with, together with your certified ID copy, latest school results, ID copy of parent/guardian and proof of payment.
If applying online you can submit your documents electronically.

Step 4. Foreign candidates have the responsibility of evaluating their qualifications with SAQA before applying;
No foreign students will be accepted if this is not done.

Step 5. Once your application has been submitted, the college will inform you if you have been admitted and you will be required to write a pace test, thereafter you are expected to attend classes.

Port Elizabeth TVET College Contact Details

  • Russell Road Campus:
    Tel: +27 41 509 6300
  • Central Administration:
    Tel: +27 41 509 6000
  • Dower Campus:
    Tel: +27 41 509 6200
    Contact Us Cont.
  • Iqhayiya Campus:
    Tel: +27 41 509 6450
  • Victoria Site:
    Tel: +27 41 509 6305

For more information regarding application or registration, kindly visit the college’s official website for more.


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