Lovedale TVET College Online Application 2023-2024

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Lovedale TVET College Online Application 2023-2024

Lovedale TVET College Online Application 2023-2024

Lovedale TVET College is an institution that strives to be a well capacitated, accessible credible and self-sustaining tvet college. The college has flexible and dynamic programmes which are responsive to the needs of the community, public and the private sector. As a professional institution, it has respect for and promotes a diverse form of culture. The college is excellent in delivering vocational and occupational skills that are required by the South African economy.

Haven mutual understanding and respect for each other, the college exhibit a culture of performance management and teamwork as one of its great values.
The college has the best sound labour and human relations policies. The College is registered and accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Lovedale TVET College has a friendly, welcoming environment and wonderful enthusiastic staff members who are passionate about helping those who would like to pursue a vocational career path. You are assured that your education is the core business and that the college takes it very seriously. They also make sure that the holistic student experience is enjoyable.

As a student, making a choice about the kind of institution to climb the academic ladder, it is essential to make the right choice. Choosing Ingwe TVET College is not a bad decision you have made. Lovedale TVET College Nurtures you with the joy of learning by creating a harmonious environment. Below are the online application details of Lovedale TVET College.

                                                                 Application Details of  Lovedale Tvet College

Application Dates: The application is open throughout the year

Required Documents

  • Three certified copies of ID/Passport/Birth Certificate
  • Three certified copies of ID of Parent/Legal Guardian
  • One ID size photo
  • Copy Certified of latest school report/Grade 9 or Higher
  • A unique Email address and cellphone number

Lovedale TVET College Programmes Offered

The college courses lead to learning and An extensive selection of skills programmes ensures that the College is also meeting the need for skills training at a grassroots level. The college offers the following programmes in National Certificate (Vocational) and Nated;

It is a specialised National Certificate for a chosen career. This qualification is designed to provide both the theory and practice of the chosen career and is geared toward alleviating the skills shortage in the country. Below are courses offered by the College.

Business Studies

  • National Diploma: Public Management (N4 – N6)
  • National N-Diploma: Financial Management (N4 – N6)
  • National N-Diploma: Human Resources Management (N4 – N6) – Part-Time
  • National Diploma: Business Management (N4 -N6)
  • National N-Diploma: Management Assistant (N4 – N6)
  • NC(V): Management (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Office Administration (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Finance, Economics & Accounting (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Information Technology & Computer Science (L2 – L4)


Engineering Foundational Programme

  • NC(V): Civil Engineering & Building Construction (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Engineering & Related Design (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Electrical Infrastructure Construction (L2 – L4)
  • Capentry & Roofing (N1 – N3)
  • Electrical (N1 – N3)
  • Plumbing (N1 – N3)
  • Masonry / Blicklaying (N1 – N3)
  • Water & Sanitation (N1 – N3)
  • Motor Body Repair (N1 – N3)
  • Motor Mechanic (N1 – N3)
  • Welding (N1 – N3)

Agriculture & Arts

  • National N-Diploma: Art & Design (N4 – N6)
  • National N-Diploma: Farming Management (N4 – N6)
  • NC(V): Primary Agriculture (L2 – L4)

How to Obtain Application Forms

Application forms can be obtained from any of the Campuses: You can contact the central office with the contact information we have provided below:

How to Apply to Lovedale TVET College

Below is a step by step guide to Applying to Lovedale TVET College. Make sure to read everything we have written;

Step 1. Identify the course you wish to study, career counselling is available.
Fill in the application form which is available on all the campuses and the Admin Centre, or you can apply online.

Step 2. Pay a non-refundable registration fee of R100 or a late application of R200, therefore ensure that you meet the minimum requirements before applying, payment details are on the application form. This doesn’t guarantee your admission.

Step 3. Submit the form to the campus you wish to study with, together with your certified ID copy, latest school results, ID copy of parent/guardian and proof of payment.
If applying online you can submit your documents electronically.

Step 4. Foreign candidates have the responsibility of evaluating their qualifications with SAQA before applying;
No foreign students will be accepted if this is not done.

Step 5. Once your application has been submitted, the college will inform you if you have been admitted and you will be required to write a pace test, thereafter you are expected to attend classes.

Lovedale TVET College Contact Details

Headquarters Alice King Zwelitsha
General / Reception
Phone 087 238 2223 087 238 2223 087 238 2223 087 238 2223
Fax 043 642 1388 043 643 3838 040 654 3161
Physical Address
Street 1 Amatola Row Victoria Road 1 Amatola Row 1 Gert Goosen Road
Town King William’s Town Alice King William’s Town Zwelitsha
Postal Address
Box P O Box 2156 Private Bag X1303 Private Bag X7409 Private Bag X510
Town King William’s Town Alice King William’s Town Zwelitsha
Code 5600 5700 5600 5608

For more information, kindly do visit the school’s official website for more.

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