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Unisa Careers

Unisa Careers; University of South Africa focus to connect their alumni members with those who can develop their knowledge and skills and who can provide new resources and opportunities with an introduction. Among the most important decisions people choose to make are career choices, and they have an effect on every aspect of their lives. Rapid change, globalization , economic pressures, and corporate transformation have made it important for staff to control their professions actively. Unisa Alumni can assist its alumni partners to pro-actively manage their careers by offering education, advice, networking opportunities and career services. The goal of this career platform for Alumni is to:

  • Give you exposure in one position to various work opportunities in the sector so that you do not need to consult a lot of different websites, newspapers and agencies.
  • Name the various firms you are hiring in order to know exactly who you are applying to.
  • Enable you to directly apply to the employer by directly linking you to their job site.

For careers outside Unisa, click here to apply.

Employment at Unisa

Most of the recruiting processes at Unisa are based at our Pretoria Head Office. It takes approximately 90 working days to complete the recruitment process. Applicants who have not been approached during this time need not be disheartened, as Unisa is constantly advertising its positions. There will be two ways for prospective workers to apply for positions: online on I-Recruitment or manually (by post or hand delivered). Unisa will be the employer for you if you believe that you are ready for a stimulating atmosphere and prosper in innovation.

Application forms

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