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Unisa Online Courses

Unisa Online Courses Unisa Online Courses; Online learing at Unisa is termed Open Distance e-Learning(ODeL). ODeL is a different learning style with a physical distance exists between you and your university. This implies for most of us that our previous learning experiences would not have prepared us for the journey of Unisa study. You are… Read More »

Unisa Courses And Fees

Unisa Courses And Fees Unisa Courses And Fees Unisa Courses And Fees: Below are the prescribed fees, together with the payment dates and minimum fees due by those dates, for the different honours and 4th-year modules and degrees. All fees must be paid with the correct reference number in the correct bank account or the… Read More »

Unisa Short Courses

Unisa Short Courses Unisa Short Courses Unisa Short Courses Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law – 76228 Capacity Development: Building A Successful Non-Governmental Community Organization – 75760 Developing a Project Plan for an Advocacy Campaign on HIV and AIDS – 72567 Short Course for Planning and Conducting Assessment of Learning Outcomes – 71005 Short Course… Read More »

Unisa Modules

Unisa Modules Unisa Modules; Each Unisa qualification is programmed in such a way that you need to register and pass a certain number of modules and NQF level credits within a certain amount of time normally within the semester in order to graduate. Due to this, is very important that you mange your studies to… Read More »

Unisa Courses

Unisa Courses Unisa Courses Unisa Courses – Higher Certificates Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences (98201) Higher Certificate in Animal Welfare (90098) Higher Certificate in Archives and Records Management (98577) Higher Certificate in Banking (98225) Higher Certificate in Criminal Justice (90006) Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences (98237) Higher Certificate in Education (90093) Higher Certificate… Read More »