How Much Does An Average Solar Panel Cost In Australia

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How Much Does An Average Solar Panel Cost In Australia

How Much Does An Average Solar Panel Cost In Australia: solar panel price comparison

Solar energy has increasingly been popular choice for homes and business owners looking forward to reduce their carbon footprint and save on electricity bills. Getting the understanding of the average solar system size and cost is crucial when considering the transition to solar power. Once it considered a luxury, solar panels are becoming increasingly affordable and accessible to homeowners and businesses. First of all, before deciding to invest in solar energy, it’s necessary to understand the factors that influence the cost of the solar panel installation. The popularity solar panels have gained in Australia quickly gaining pace, resulting to greater affordability than ever. There is no need to go back and find a period when exorbitant costs meant solar panels were high-tech gadgets with very high prices. But those are gone a long time.

How long do solar power systems last?

Solar power systems in Australia typically have a 25 to 30-year lifespan. This means that they will still produce electricity after this time, although their output may have slightly decreased. A solar power system’s lifespan can be affected by several factors, which includes the quality of the solar panels, the installation, the climate, and the amount of maintenance performed. Solar panels installed correctly with high-quality materials will last longer than those not. Solar panels in a harsh climate, such as one with high temperatures or dust, may also degrade more quickly. To help extend its lifespan, regular maintenance , such as cleaning the solar panels is needed.

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Important factors that influence the solar panel costs in Australia: solar panel price comparison

  • Wholesale equipment costs: The wholesale cost of solar equipment has decreased significantly over the past 15 years as manufacturers have reach a very big economies of scale following the global growth of the industry.  Production of solar panels and inverters has shifted mostly to China and other Asian countries and are produced in Gigawatt scale, highly automated manufacturing facilities. Introduction of robotics and AI has also had a material effect on the efficiency and quality of the output of these facilities.
  • The Australian Dollar: Almost all of the components for a solar system come from overseas. As the price of the Australian Dollar changes relatively , solar equipment manufacturers and distributors rapidly change their prices to reflect this. 
Most quotes for installing solar are only valid for 7 to 30 days so that solar installers are not forced to wear any underlying changes in cost. In general, an increase in the AUD/USD rate will lower the cost of a solar quote, and vice versa.
  • The Solar Rebates: The federal solar rebate STC program  winds back each year until it is phased out completely in 2030. This provides upward pressure on solar pricing but has been overshadowed in the early solar years with the cost of solar decreasing.
  • Competition and cheap solar panels: The solar industry is one of Australia’s most competitive markets with over 6,000 contractors accredited by the Clean Energy Council to install solar. As a result, the margins have been forced to be very slim in the market.

How much do Solar Panels cost?

The below table shows the average solar panel cost by city & size of solar panels installed (DC). The prices in all the below tables include the up-front incentive available for small-scale systems through the Renewable Energy Target (i.e. ‘STC discount’) and GST  they represent the total retail price of the system to the customer. The average cost of solar panels in Australia varies depending on factors such as the type of panels, system size, installation charges, and available incentives. By understanding these factors and calculating the return on investment, homeowners can make informed decisions and harness the power of the sun to reduce their carbon footprint and electricity bills.

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3kW 4kW 5kW 6kW 7kW 10kW
Adelaide, SA $3,600 $4,130 $4,760 $5,390 $6,340 $9,370
Brisbane, QLD $3,940 $4,500 $5,060 $5,630 $6,390 $9,390
Canberra, ACT $4,700 $4,910 $5,180 $5,850 $6,860 $8,920
Darwin, NT $5,300 $7,210 $8,240 $9,920 $11,270 $14,060
Hobart, TAS $5,020 $5,690 $6,540 $7,440 $8,430 $12,390
Melbourne, VIC $4,450 $4,610 $5,180 $5,570 $6,570 $8,680
Sydney, NSW $3,970 $4,340 $4,760 $4,940 $6,040 $8,180
Perth, WA $3,260 $3,780 $4,250 $5,320 $5,880 $9,440
All $4,280 $4,900 $5,500 $6,260 $7,220 $10,050

When investing in a solar panel system, it’s important to get quotes from multiple reputable solar providers, compare pricing and services, and consider factors such as quality, performance, warranties, and long-term savings potential. Again, consulting with a qualified solar installer or consultant can help you make an informed decision based on your specific energy needs, budget, and location. Click here for more.


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