Cost Of Solar Panels In Australia

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Cost Of Solar Panels In Australia

Cost Of Solar Panels In Australia: solar panels cost calculator

Solar does not generate electricity all time, but it does generate electricity when it is needed most during the day and during hot sunny periods when the demand for power is at its peak. Another bonus of small scale solar is that it generates electricity at the point of demand where people live and work.  This means that there is no need to transfer energy over a long distances using expensive electrical infrastructure.

Australia is among the sunniest continents in the world. Given a stable policy environment, there is massive potential for solar to make a remarkable contribution to electricity generation in Australia over coming decades. Curious about the cost of solar panels installation? You’re not alone! The price can change based on factors like location and system choice. In this post, we will highlight key factors influencing the cost of solar panels in Australia. Stay tuned for a overview of what to expect when investing in solar energy.

Key Factors that Determine What Solar Panels Cost: solar panels cost calculator

Solar system size affects what solar panels cost: This may sound obvious make sure your solar system isn’t too big or too small. Your roof may fit 10kW worth of solar panels, but buying a smaller and therefore cheaper 6.6kW solar system may be all you need.

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Cost of solar panels by system size: solar panels cost calculator

2 kW $6,822 $5,048 $3.41
3 kW $9,159 $6,778 $3.05
4 kW $11,524 $8,528 $2.88
5 kW $14,111 $10,442 $2.82
6 kW $16,857 $12,474 $2.81
7 kW $19,436 $14,382 $2.78
8 kW $21,968 $16,256 $2.75
9 kW $24,706 $18,283 $2.75
10 kW $27,541 $20,381 $2.75
11 kW $29,657 $21,946 $2.70
12 kW $32,135 $23,780 $2.68

Panel Brand affect what solar panels cost: Cheap solar panels may not capture as much sunlight or tolerate shade as well when compared to more sophisticated options. However, the smaller upfront cost teamed with a lower efficiency panel may still deliver you an excellent return on investment. Just make sure you don’t get stung by cheap solar panels which are junky and prone to early failure and breakage that will just end up costing you more.

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Warranty affects what solar panels cost: Unfortunately, some warranties are not worth the paper they are written on so be wary. Lengths, but more so strength of warranty is extremely important, particularly for a system that is going to be exposed to harsh Australian conditions.  We all know you get what you pay for. Paying a bit more for a reputable brand will not only carry longer warranties, but will also be backed by suitable operations on the ground in Australia to honour the warranty if you need it.

Choice of Inverter affects what solar panels cost: The solar inverter does a lot of the heavy lifting than the solar panels. It changes the DC energy produced by your panels into usable AC electricity that runs your air conditioner and washing machine.  Choose wisely the inverter is actually the single most expensive component of your system. Your inverter will also have a much shorter warranty than your panels as they have a shorter lifetime. Expect to replace your inverter before you need to replace your panels.

Are the prices of solar panel installation the same everywhere?  Knowing the cost of solar in each state is important as prices differ significantly. The main factor influencing this is the system size. Think of it like buying in bulk with a larger system, you pay less per kilowatt-hour (kWh). So the bigger the system, the more cost-effective it becomes. For more information click here..

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